RTT5's App Features

   Local Quiz Features:

      Home Screen
      Quiz Screen
      Instructions Screen
      Get Location Screen (location testing purposes, pulls your current location)
      Quit button
      Text to speech reading questions and answer choices
      Start button (on the "Start Quiz" screen)
      Show Highscores button
      Hide Highscores button
      Previous button (once you have completed the quiz)
      Restart button (available once you have completed the quiz)
      Social media (and logo) images loading all our social media pages, the logo loads our website.
      Tweet your highscores
      Skip a question button

   Final Treasure Hunt App Features!

      Login System
      Supports 3 languages. English, French and Spanish.
      Retrieves all categories from the server.
      Displays all types of questions from the server. MCQ, Text and Picture!
      If the server goes down or you lose connection during the game, it will automatically reload your state when you press
      "Resume Server Quiz" on the home page!
      Game setup screen complete! With a fully functional reconnection system.
      Game highscores displaying scores in order! Filtered by category and number of questions.
      Google maps included in the app. Use Show or Hide map buttons to use it.
      Compass showing when you ask for a location hint. This also updates the google maps path.
      Textual hints shown when you press the text hint button on a question(reminder, this makes you not gain as many points
      when you finally get it correct.

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